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 1The ABRAHAMIC COVENANT and the HEIRS OF THE PROMISE. “IF you are Christ’s, then are you Abraham’s seed and heirs according to the Promise”  (Galatians 3:29 NKJ)  What was that Promise, what were the Two Things that guaranteed it, and why are so many completely unaware of its relevance under ‘New Covenant’ theology? read it online

 2THE ENIGMATIC “SECOND – FIRST SABBATH” OF LUKE 6:1 This Misapplied and Little Understood Narrative In Luke Chapter 6 Suggests To Some That Christ BROKE THE LAW.     Others See In It a Reference as to How To Determine Wavesheaf In Those Occasional Years When PASSOVER Falls On a SABBATH.    What Important Information Does This Passage REALLY Present ? read it online

 3GROWING IN THE GRACE OF OUR LORD. The Concluding Verse of the Epistle of 2nd Peter Admonishes the Established Christian to "Grow in Grace.." How Many Correctly Understand What This Requirement Involves? If Grace is ONLY the Unmerited Forgiveness of Sins, How Do We Grow In It? read it online

 4WHO IS THE ANCIENT OF DAYS? This question, most would regard as having an obvious answer. In fact, the passage presents details that warrant a much closer look. What revealing information does this prophecy in Daniel chapter 7 offer? How did a quote from this chapter contribute to Christ's Condemnation? read it online

 5The 134 EMENDATIONS of the Sopherim. One of the Best Kept Secrets of the Old Testament Era, One Having a Profound Effect on Both Old and New Testament Theology With Respect to the Intractable 'Nature of God' Controversy. Available from the author.

 6The Significance of the Term, “The SELFSAME DAY” ? The Concluding Verse of the Epistle of 2nd Peter Admonishes the Established Christian to "Grow in Grace.." How Many Correctly Understand What This Requirement Involves? If Grace is ONLY the Unmerited Forgiveness of Sins, How Do We Grow In It? read it online

 7The MILLENNIAL SACRIFICIAL SYSTEM. An Amazing and intricately detailed prophecy given in the Book of Ezekiel describes a future Religious System few have ever heard about. Proponents of 'New Covenant' Theology exclude what this clear Biblical Prophecy reveals, thereby avoiding those many disturbing Theological questions these explicit passages expose. Available from the author.

 8“AND THE WATCH WAS SET” In the long running controversy as to whether the Crucifixion was on a Friday or on a Wednesday, many informative passages have been overlooked. This article takes into account specific details concerning this important event, left out of the story as related by the predominant religious community. read it online

 9“WE ARE NOT ‘UNDER THE LAW’ !” The Concluding Verse of the Epistle of 2nd Peter Admonishes the Established Christian to "Grow in Grace.." How Many Correctly Understand What This Requirement Involves? If Grace is ONLY the Unmerited Forgiveness of Sins, How Do We Grow In It? read it online

10After the Last Trumpet Sounds Tim LaHaye's videotape series on the Rapture holds a Major Segment of the Evangelical World in Riveted Fascination. But, is the event described Pre-tribulation or Post-tribulation? What's Infinitely More Fascinating are those Many Prophesied Events that Follow the Seventh (Last) Trumpet. Available from the author.

11The “HYPOSTASIS” HOAX Under the guise of clarifying “New Testament” theology, a massive HOAX has been perpetrated against the people seeking to understand God. For centuries, most unsuspecting worshippers have labored under a theological construct, functioning more to obscure Biblical Truth than to expose it! Available from the author.

12The RESURRECTIONS from the DEAD According to Hebrews Chapter 6, the ‘Resurrection from the Dead’ is identified as one of six Fundamental Christian Doctrines. To fully fathom this Essential Truth, we need to examine carefully the other Resurrection as revealed in: Revelation 20 and John 5. read it online

13What Do You Mean, FREE? An Old Hymn Expresses a Sentiment Embedded Deep in Christian Theology. Worshippers in the Modern Age Remain Blissfully Unaware that Their Denomination MAY Have Substituted a MisDefined Freedom that Could Have Lethal Consequences!

14What Regard Should We Have for " PAULINE THEOLOGY " ? A Pharisee of Pharisees, trained at the feet of Gamaliel, a man of profound intellect, called, tried and inspired of God as few men ever were, eventually becoming 'Apostle to the Gentiles', and writing more New Testament Scripture than any other person, yet Paul's theology was fundamentally misconstrued even in his own day!  read it online

16The Harvests of the World (Identifying “the 144,000 and the Great Multitude”) One of the More Puzzling Prophecies in the New Testament is Found in Revelation, Chapters 7 and 14. Many have attempted to Explain WHO these TWO Separate Groups are. Can We KNOW with Certainty? Why are We given this? And, What Awareness can we Gain from knowing their Identities? Available from the author.

17“Celebrating the PROMISED LAND” Understanding Joshua 5:11 Despite there Being NO Pointed and Direct Mention of a Wave Sheaf Ceremony, the Church of God Continues to Experience the Effects of a Rather Impromptu Conclusion, Based on Little More Than a Series of Presumptions!  read it online

18“The Place of Final Training” Revisited Our Understanding of Prophetic Events can often be Influenced by Factors without Substantial Basis. The Book of Revelation’s reference to God’s Church being Protected During the End-Time Illustrates One of These! Is Protection as Unilateral as some claim? Available from the author.

19“Two Kinds of Faith Christians Everywhere Recognize the Absolute Necessity of Having TRUE and Demonstrable Faith. Faith can find Expression in a Number of Ways. But, What Kind of Faith Must We Have in order to be Acceptable Before God?  read it online

21“The Other Five Virgins” Matthew 25 Presents a Wedding Scenario that has long been Understood in the Context of JUST our being Saved or Lost. Actually, there’s More to this Message than meets the Casual Eye. What REAL Point is Jesus Making?  read it online

22 Is TITHING Called-for Today? This Old Testament Institution is largely discounted in the modern religious community, but is the New Testament as silent as many allege regarding the continuance of the Tithing System under the New Covenant administration? Available from the author.

23“The PASSOVER of the EXODUS” One would regard it Unthinkable that Jews could be Mistaken in their Most Identifying Tradition. Yet, in Passover Observance, we find Major Controversy! What is the True Time for Keeping this Essential Observance? Available from the author.

24 The Four Beasts of Daniel 7 (The Problem was with the Bear!) Almost Without Exception, Bible Commentaries Identify the Four Beasts of Daniel 7 as being a Reiteration of those in Daniel 2. The True Identity of those in Daniel 7 are Even More Revealing, When Correctly Understood! Available from the author.

27Israel’s Primitive Observances Of the Many Significant Occasions that Ancient Israel Would Have Observed Before the Giving of the Law at Mt. Sinai, Few If Any Would Have Marked Events Originally Occurring During Daylight Hours. Available from the author.

31PASSOVER and the BRIDE of Christ Most Bible Students are aware that God was Married to Israel. It is also Well Established that Christ will Marry the Church. The Question is, Did He ever Formally Propose Marriage to His Beloved Institution?  read it online

33The OVERLOOKED Plague That Ninth Plague, occurring just before the Deaths of Egypt's Firstborn of both man and beast, contains Details Essential to the Exodus Narrative. When was the Passover originally observed? Available from the author.

34MONOTHEISM v TRINITARIANISM An Exercise in Mutual Contradiction? Regarded as THE Most Essential Teaching from the Entire New Testament, It’s often The Prime ‘Litmus Test’ for Inclusion into the Fellowship of Faith. At the Same Time, it is One of the Most Unexplainable and Misunderstood Theological Constructs to Ever be Imposed upon the Church. The profound, yet essential question remains, Was God actually made Flesh in Christ?  read it online

37The DOCTRINE of Antichrist Toward the end of the 1st century, a growing heresy began taking form, seriously impacting the Church of God. The Apostle John warned those who were Faithful, of its Danger. Few heeded, and the Church gradually accepted a theological position that disregarded one of the most essential Truths of all time.  read it online

38The DEADLY Revelation in PSALM 110 Few Scriptural Passages have had such Profound Impact upon both Old and New Testament Theology as it relates to the "Nature of God". It proved to be the major "Got-ya" of all time! Christ knew it and used it effectively in becoming our Passover, as did Stephen and Paul to chide the Jews. What 'essential Truth' does this Key Verse and Chapter expose?  read it online

42The PURPOSE of SACRIFICES IN THE MILLENNIUM by Rex Sexton, @ UCG Feast of Tabernacles, Bend, Oregon, 2003 It is the exceptional Bible student who understands the true purpose of the Old Testament Sacrificial System. Most rejoice in its absolute abrogation. This article candidly faces those difficult questions posed by clear scriptures about New Jerusalem's religion, as revealed in the prophetic book of Ezekiel. Available from the author.

43The 'REJECTED' RESURRECTION Despite Significant Mention, Even By Christ Himself, This Resurrection Has Been Disregarded and Pointedly Ignored by the Religious Establishment, As It Finds No Place in Their Cherished Theological Scenarios. Why will the ancient Ninevites Condemn this generation?  read it online

44“WHEN YE COME Into the LAND” Numerous Instructions were given to the Children of Israel prior to their Entrance into Canaan’s Land. One in Particular Carried a Certain Relevance to those Covenant Promises made to Abraham EXACTLY 470 Years before. Why do so many Regard This One as also having Special Significance? Available from the author.

45“I Am of Paul, I Am of Apollos!” Despite Pointed and Direct Scriptures, the Church of God Continues to Suffer the Effects of a Contaminant Brought into it By Our Basic Natures, Except that Today, We See the Phenomenon Developed to Its Highest Form! Available from the author.

46The “SHEMA” in the New Testament! The Apostle Paul, in an Epistle to the Corinthians, presents to them and to us a most explicit passage few truly appreciate for its clarity in explaining the True meaning of the Old Testament Shema and the True Nature of God. Available from the author.

48Tares Among the Wheat A Consideration in any Congregation is the Intermingling of False Brethren. Scripture Discusses Two Similar Looking but Distinctly Different Plants used to Represent Different Loyalties and Opposing Agendas.  read it online

49Ready for the RAPTURE A Popular Book and Video Series Has Captured the Attention of Christians Nearly Everywhere. Surprisingly, it is the Rare Individual Who Has ‘Searched the Scriptures, Whether These Things Be So’ ! Isn't It Time We Did That? Are YOU ‘Left Behind’ on things you COULD know?  read it online

50What MUST I Do? Is Any “PERFORMANCE” Required of the Christian? The Typical Christian, Understanding that We are not Saved BY Works, is then Disinclined to Accept ANY Suggestion that Works are in any way Required under the New Covenant. A Number of Scriptures Address the Subject Directly. Many, it seems, Would Prefer they be Left Unmentioned.  read it online

51The HOPE of “The Last Great Day” A MAJOR Component in the Plan of God is illustrated in a Separate Holyday: the Seventh, Yet One which Remains ‘Well Off the Screen’ when it comes to being Understood by the ‘Accepted’ Religious Community! WHY are so many unable to see the Significance of this Day? Available from the author.

53“PASSOVER” with its Time Contexts Of the More Persistent Controversies Regarding Passover Observance is its True Timing. This Article Reviews those Scriptures in which Passover is Mentioned, and being Presented in Time-Related Context. Available from the author.

54 The Use of the Hebrew Expression: “ Between the Two Evenings” A Unique Hebrew Expression ADDS Meaning to many Scriptures not Readily Apparent to the Casual Reader. The Majority of these Instances Pose a Degree of Relevance to the Correct Timing of Passover Observance. Available from the author.

55 The Everlasting Covenant Most People See the 'New Covenant' as being the Epitome of Development within the Overall Plan of God. Those not Destined to be Called in this Age, and Who Seem Excluded from it, will discover HOPE in a Most Ancient Ceremony.  read it online

56 “The Jerichonian Wave Sheaf” A Majority Opinion of Many in the Church is that Israel was Required to Make a Wave Sheaf Offering in their First Week in the Promised Land! This Article Considers the Logic and the Ramifications of that Possibility. Available from the author.

57 “The Conquest of JERICHO” Many Allege that the Seven Day Encirclements Around Ancient Jericho Occurred During the Seven Days of Unleavened Bread. Others Disagree! Does the Biblical Narrative Allow Such a Possibility? Available from the author.

58Discovering the WAVE SHEAF Offering Despite Biblical Mention of the Wave Sheaf Offering Being Extremely RARE, this Important Harvest Ceremony Factors into Christian Theology in ways Not Obvious to the Average Worshipper!  read it online Listen online

59“ABSENT From the Body and PRESENT With the Lord!” A Well Known Passage in 2nd Corinthians 5 Has Become almost a Cliché for Those Who Anticipate Being Taken To Heaven After This Life is Over. What Does This Potent Passage Actually Establish, and why don't people Read What it Plainly Says?  read it online

60“For As In Adam, All Die!” A Seemingly Easy to Understand Reference in 1st Corinthians 15:22 Lays Before the Believer a Profound Consideration. Without Question, All Die and All Without Exception, Unless they are Found ‘In Christ’! Why do Some Disagree?  read it online

61Gnosticism & the New Testament Church Satan's Ultimate Tool Impacting the Church of God is little Mentioned in Modern Day Religions. Why are Many so Under-Informed of a Subject so Deadly, yet One so often Mentioned in those Epistles Written Later in the New Testament Era? (see also #70, & #84) Available from the author.

62The Beast Makes WAR on the Saints (When You SEE the Abomination of Desolation) A Companion Article Identifies the 4th BEAST of Daniel 7 and Revelation 13. Continuing the Subject, This Article Investigates what the Scriptures Say as to the BEAST’s Brutal Crusade Against the ‘Saints of the Most High’!  read it online

63“GOVERNMENT CONCEPTS” REVIEW Wide variations exist among the people of God with respect to the manner in which God’s Church ought to be organized and administered. There are extremes to both opinions, the attitude that little or no organization is necessary or appropriate, to the other extreme, in which “Government” is afforded the highest regard in a highly structured establishment of absolute power and near ‘official’ infallibility!

Though little mentioned directly, the issue of government within the Church is often illustrated in the actions and situations related in the context of Scripture. It has remained largely our doing to evaluate those situations, and to create from them a concept of government under which we operate. This 60-page review project presents and considers the improprieties of a modern version of one of those concepts. Available from the author.

64“The REWARD of the Saved?” WTo Those within the Embrace of Orthodox ‘Grace Theology’, the Indication of a Personal Reward associated with Salvation seems oddly Out of Place. What Reward should Christians anticipate receiving at the Second Coming?  read it online

65The Recent Discoveries of NOAH’s ARK. Avid NOAH's ARK Searchers have flown and hiked all over the Prominent Peak known today as Mount Ararat in Eastern Turkey, all to no avail. Their insistence is that One mountain peak is Essential to its True Location. Startling New Evidence and Recent Findings nearby, to the contrary, are nevertheless summarily REJECTED, based not on Fact, but on mere Preferential Prejudice! (Available by surface mail only.) Available by surface mail only.

67No Man has Seen GOD at Any Time! A Rather Thought Provoking Claim made by Jesus Christ Himself, (also Confirmed by the Apostles) , Conveys Potent Implications for those who Believe that God the Father was the only GOD of the Old Testament. Available from the author.

69Can We ‘Escape’ the World of CULTS? (What Gabriel Revealed thru Daniel)The Church of God has since its inception been regarded as just another Cult! Many smaller unaffiliated groups face this same accusation. Just what IS a CULT? What Would it Do to Your FAITH if You Were Found to be IN One? Available from the author.

70Alexander's ENDURING LEGACY! A Particularly EVIL Individual Impacts the Experience of the Church of God in the Last Days. He is Also the Focal Character of the 8th Chapter of Daniel. What Important Clues to that Situation can we Discern from this Narrative? (See also #61) Available from the author.

71The Faulty LOGIC of Antinomianism. A Key Premise of Fundamentalist Persuasions is that Christ Ended the Law, 'Nailing IT to His Cross'. The Logical Ramifications of that are a Wonder to Behold. We need to Think Thru What this View Requires that We Accept. Available from the author.

72Are “HOLY DAYS” All ‘Done Away’ ? Despite Frequent New Testament Reference, Churchgoers Rest Assured in the Common Pronouncement that the Biblical Holydays No Longer are Applicable in the Christian Era. Is There Proof of this One Way or the Other? (See also #90 and #104) Available from the author.

73The Days of Salvation Hand in Glove with the Predestination Teaching is the Belief that THIS is the ONLY Day of Salvation. Anyone Not 'Saved' TODAY Should Anticipate Spending Eternity in an Ever Burning HELL ! ? Is That Perception TRUE? Available from the author.

74“Hear O Israel, The LORD is One” A most oft-quoted Old Testament passage facilitates a Belief System that has proven to be as controversial as any we know of. The concept behind this rendition presents the major obstacle between Judaism and Christianity! Available from the author.

75Who IS the God of the Old Testament? Jesus Christ Confronted Religious Scholars of His Day with the Premise that their Scriptures Referred to HIM! Even Today, Many think the God of the Old Testament is 'the Father'. Is there something still Not Obvious to Us today? Available from the author.

77And So, All ISRAEL Shall be Saved The Apostle Paul lamented the situation with regard to his physical Kinsmen not being afforded Salvation in this age. You would think they'd be THE Prime Candidates for Salvation, though the Historical Record has proven otherwise! When does their day come? Available from the author. Listen online

78Considering Monotheism's Limitations Both Judaic and Christian Persuasions profess to be 'Monotheistic', yet present very Different Conceptualizations. Are there Biblical Answers to the many Enigmatic Problems we Encounter in these Contrasting Explanations? And Secondly, Is the Truth allowed Adequate Accommodation. Available from the author.

79Who IS (Are) Elohim? Perhaps one of the Most Lightly Touched Subjects in All of Theology is the Word Commonly Used in the Old Testament to Identify God. Why Do We in Just ONE Application Render a PLURAL Noun as Though it were Singular? What revelation did God intimate by His choice of words? Available from the author.

80WHOSOEVER Will May Come! Evangelical Christians, who hold that This is the ONLY Day of Salvation, Refer to a Passage in John 7 and another in the benediction of Revelation 22 to allege that Anyone who wishes May Come to the LORD! Available from the author.

81My Father, Our Father It Is Generally Presumed that the use of the term 'Father' in the Bible is Always in Reference to the Being Jesus Referred to as His Father. But, IF this is Always the Case, Certain New Testament Passages Pose a ‘Problem’! Under what circumstances does God become ‘our Father’? Available from the author.

82“And The Elements Shall Melt with Fervent Heat” The Apostle Peter describes a Major Event that seems Rather Inapplicable as it Regards our Understanding of the Millennial Age. What do we Not FULLY Understand and Where does this Disconcerting Prophecy in 2nd Peter 3 Factor-In? Available from the author.

83The Hope of GLORY An Event in Our Conversion Experience, Grossly Under-reported by the Main Stream Religious World, is Our being Made SPIRIT at the Last Trump. The Event we should Anticipate the MOST Seems to be Understood the Least! (A companion article to #82) Available from the author.

84Modern Myths of Mithras Quite a Number of Accepted Religious Beliefs are of Extra-Biblical Origins. It Would Shock the Average Worshipper to Learn the True Source of Many Teachings and Practices held Dear in this ‘Modern’ World. What part did Mithraism play in the formation of 'christianity' as it's known today? Available from the author.

86The Nature of God’s Spirit! It wasn't all that many years into the New Testament Era before Gnostic Teachings and errant Judaic Beliefs began being Blended into Fundamental Christian Theology. The Result Being that We today are Afflicted with Contradicting Belief Systems as to the True ‘Nature of God’. But in order to correctly Understand this matter, We Must first Acquaint ourselves with the Nature of His Spirit.  read it online

88Did Daniel See and Speak with God? One Intriguing Prophecy in the Book of Daniel indirectly presents a Most Profound Consideration. Did Daniel encounter, and actually SEE, the Being WE know as the God of the Old Testament, OR was it the God of the New ? Available from the author.

89The Prince of Persia Withstood Me ! A Revealing Statement in Daniel 10 Suggests ‘Behind the Scenes’ Spirit-Level Interaction Not Related in ANY Secular Historical Accounts. Available from the author.

90What Are the Holydays FOR? Of All Biblical Subjects, God's Annual Holydays enjoy the Least Regard in the Professing Christian Community. Their Disdain for them is due Largely to a Total Mis-Representation of their Ultimate Purpose. Available from the author.

91What's WRONG with the Theology of the “One God” Persuasion? Our Peripheral Fellowship includes Some who hold a Concept of WHO God is that Contradicts what Most Believers hold to be Essential: Posing that Jesus Christ isn’t God and didn’t Personally exist prior to His human conception. Available from the author.

92Marcion Marches ON ! An Early Second Century Leader Contributed to Modern Theology in Profound Ways Worshippers Since Haven’t Realized. His Erroneous concepts continue to Plague all Churches, presenting the God of the Old Testament as Different in Nature from the God of the New. Why Doesn’t YOUR Minister Discuss THIS? Available from the author.

93A Whole NEW Paradigm: The Doctrine of ‘the Father and the Son’! With Volatile Issues abundant, the Early NT Church didn't need More things to have to Debate. Yet One Issue was Always ‘Right There’ Waiting to Erupt. Few have noted the Extreme Genius Exhibited by New Testament writers in Changing the Fundamental Perceptual Parameters of Who Elohim Is, doing so with Minimal Controversy at the Time. Listen online  read it online

94Oh, For the Love of GOD Inarguably One of the Vital Components in Our Relationship with GOD is Love, unfortunately, it can be as Misrepresented in Expression, as are other Popular Conceptions of what the Bible Actually Teaches with Respect to Our Relationship Requirements and Gods' PLAN for Man! Available from the author.

96What IS a ‘Hupostasis’? An Analysis of Hebrews 1:1-3 An ‘Essential’ Theology was Created around a Poorly Defined Greek Word. We should Know the Meaning of that Word, as its Definition was given to us by the very Author who used it! Available from the author.

99The GOD of the Covenants A Prophecy repeated in Both the Old and New Testaments reveals Much about WHO it was that Made the Covenants with the Peoples of God, both in Ancient Times and in the Current Era. Did a Different God make the New Covenant than made the Old Covenant? Available from the author.

100Fathoming the Calendar An ‘Issue’ that continues to Polarize and Create Divisions is that of Which Method of Calendar Determination Ought to be used. Rarely has a Subject on which We have So Little come to exhibit Such Divisive Power ! Available from the author.

101The KARITES and ‘You’ A dissident Jewish Sect, who differ with Orthodox Jewry, employs a Unique Practice when counting to Pentecost, a practice drawn into the Theology of the Churches of God of the Modern Era. Who are these people, and what regard should we have for their teachings? Available from the author.

103What WAS Thomas' Doubt? The Narrative regarding 'Doubting Thomas' is understood to regard his Reluctance to Believe that Jesus had truly been Resurrected from the Dead. Is that ALL there was to it? Available from the author.

104A Shadow of Things to Come One Particular Passage in Colossians 2 is the Focal Point for all who Attempt to Discourage Observance of the Biblical Holydays. Astute Students will see in this Mention a GREATER Significance than is Allowed by 'Fundamentalists'. Available from the author.

105“YAHWEH is My Adonai” This Statement in the Psalms is SO out of Character with What is Perceived to be, that We’re Inclined to do a Doubletake. How can such a thing as this even be Stated? Available from the author.

106Understanding the THREE Resurrections Many in God’s Church have serious difficulty fully explaining the Doctrine of the Resurrections from the Dead. Our Counterparts in the Catholic and Protestant worlds find the matter to be even more Theologically Formidable! Is there Solid Biblical Proof of this Understanding? Available from the author.

107And No Place was Found for Them! A Very Curious Comment with Regard to those to be Resurrected After the Millennial Age is Found in Revelation 20. The Implications of this Comment Provide More Insight than is Usually Noted or Expounded Upon. Available from the author.

108Defining the Second Death Inherent with the Doctrine of the Resurrections from the Dead is a Co-Dependent Phenomenon identified in Scripture as 'the Second Death'. How Many Christians Understand what this Unique Penalty Involves? Available from the author.

109The Incorrigibly Wicked In the process of Understanding the Resurrections to Life Immortal, We Encounter a Category of individuals who Populate the opposite extreme: Those who, in the End, merit Eternal Death. Available from the author.

110The Early and Latter Rains The Early Church Understood the Essence of what Worshippers today seem NOT to Understand. Can Generations of False Teachings Account for the Loss of a General Awareness of a Significant Prophetic Illustration? Available from the author.

111Considering LAODICEA The TRUE Identity of the Church of GOD throughout history is, in the eyes of many, greatly facilitated by the Seven Churches of Revelation 2 and 3. One particular identification seems more Enigmatic than any other. Available from the author.

114In Perils Among Brethren The Church of God in this age is increasingly beset by Invited Intrusions into our Fellowship Sphere by those promoting Doubtful Doctrines. Not since the Smyrnan Era have we seen this particular phenomenon to the present degree. It remains Important that we exercise Caution in who we Fellowship with! Available from the author.

115Postponements Considered Even when in general agreement on the Calendar, an additional ' Issue ' continues to create further Divisions, that of whether or not Postponements Ought to be Employed. What are these and Should we Regard Them ? Available from the author.

116When Gods’ Spirit is Poured Out An Explicit Promise, made in Ezekiel 37, to this day Remains Unfulfilled. Nothing could be more Insightful than this Outpouring of God's Spirit upon the Entire House of Israel. Do we appreciate its Significance? Available from the author.

117 Accessing Gods’ Spirit On the Day of Pentecost, a Phenomenon occurred that changed the Dynamics of our Relationship with God from that day onward. Yet, that was only a Foretaste of Astounding Developments prophesied to Come! Available from the author.

118The Faith Once Delivered A Surprising Number of Doctrinal Teachings became Passé in the centuries following the Descent of the Early New Testament Church into Apostasy. What Changed and where did those Changes originate?  read it online

119 Dispensations of Gods’ Spirit On the Day of Pentecost, a Phenomenon occurred that changed the Dynamics of our Relationship with God from that day onward. Yet, that was only a Foretaste of Astounding Developments prophesied to Come!  read it online

122 How Many BEINGS are in the Godhead? The Longest running Controversy in Judeao / Christian Religion is the matter of the Identity of Jesus Christ. His also being God Divides Judaic Theology from Christian Theology as does NO Other Issue. There are at least Thirty eight Reasons Why the Church of God ACCEPTS His Personal Divinity.  read it online

123 Atonement and the Holy of Holies An unusual Event, occurring in the afternoon of the day Christ Died, poses a greater Significance that it is Usually Given. Harking back to the time of Abraham, THE Focal Point of the Ongoing Covenant is Developed to its Fullest Degree as the Veil in the Temple was torn “from above” ! Available from the author.

124 The Saints Which Slept Arose Rarely Mentioned and Little Understood, (Even Pointedly Ignored), a Brief Reference in Matthew Poses Profound Considerations. Why Did God the Father Raise Certain ‘Saints’ at Christ’s Resurrection? Available from the author.

126 The Unprofitable Servant A Less Recognized Component in our Calling is that an Inadequate Response toward our Reasonable Service can Render Us " Unprofitable " to God. What do we say when Organizations WORK to 'Encourage' Unprofitability? Available from the author.

127The Morrow After the Passover How Joshua 5 Presumptions were used to factor into the Determination of Pentecost in those occasional years when Passover falls on a weekly Sabbath. Available from the author.

128The Significance of 'Old Corn' in Joshua 5 The King James Translators apparently were more than just Translators. They were also Scholars, influenced to a certain degree by the Theological climate of their day! Their renditions of certain key passages in the books of the Law and of Joshua reflects an awareness of something Bible students ponder even today! Available from the author.

129 Behind the Curtain of Exclusivism Rarely Mentioned and Little Understood, (Even Pointedly Ignored), a Brief Reference in Matthew Poses Profound Considerations. Why Did God the Father Raise Certain ‘Saints’ at Christ’s Resurrection?  read it online

136When the Sabbath Was Past A Component in the Controversy as to Which Day the Crucifixion Occurred is Found in the Concluding Verses of Matthew 27. Does Traditional Religion Present this Passage in its Truest Rendition?Available from the author.

137 The Great Commission A Well-Known Passage of Scripture defines for us what Christ Expects His Faithful Disciples to Continually be Doing while Awaiting His Return. Have WE in any way Diminished its Scope in the Modern Era?  read it online

138 The Famine of the WORD A prediction made in one of the Minor Prophets, Regarded as having Special Relevance in the End-Time, is Used by Some to Justify Personal Lethargy! How should we Respond to this Condition?  read it online

139The End-Time Martyrdom of Saints A Matter of Great Interest and a Teaching receiving Major Embrace in the Church involves Saints being Protected in the End-Time. Under-Explained is the Contrasting Situation seen in Revelation's 5th Seal.  read it online

140No Man Cometh Unto the Father But By ME A Relatively Simple Declaration Carries Infinitely more Doctrinal Potency that Casual Believers might naturally Consider. Do we Really Believe what this Statement Tells US? Available from the author.

141Blessed are those who Die in the Lord From Henceforth! The Book of Revelation contains Many Extraordinary Passages. But, What IS the Point of telling us Something we've Known All Along? Is there a Relevant Point in this that has long been Overlooked? Available from the author.

142Considering the Prodigal Son That Parable of two sons and their differing Personal Characteristics is a Very Well Known Story in the Christian World. But, Have we fully comprehended the Subtleties of its Message? Available from the author.

143The Day After the Preparation Day Curious Wording in Matthew 27:62 Seemingly Refers to a Sabbath Day, but in a rather Odd Manner. That same passage gave Translators much to Consider. Is there Something Significant there that Theologians have Overlooked? Available from the author.

144ISRAEL, WHO IS Your Creator? A Common Perception is that the Being Known as God the Father Dominates the Pages of the Old Testament, providing a Basis for an Entire Theology. Does Religion Correctly Identify that Being Who CREATED All Things? Available from the author.

145Embracing the Trunk of the Tree The Scope of Church Doctrine and Our Scope of Biblical Topics has become Confined to a rather Narrowed Focus. We've become particularly concerned with Limiting Ourselves to 'just the Basics'. But, Is there a Significant Deficiency carried in that Approach that our Eminent Ministry has Overlooked? Available from the author.

146The REST of the Dead At Times, Seemingly Simple Verses Can Offer Profound Realizations. Revelation 20:5 Is One Such Passage. Does the Religious Establishment Have Sufficient Understanding to Accommodate What this Verse Reveals? Available from the author.

147WHO IS "The Church"? Developments in Recent Times have given Definition to a Rather Elementary Question? In Interest of Securing Unity, We've set in Motion a Dynamic that Over the Years Created a most Insidious Divisiveness! CAN it be Fixed? Available from the author.

148The "AT LARGE" Christian Forces Acting within the Church of God over the Last Several Decades have Created a Cadre of what are Regarded as 'Independent' Christians. How should we Regard these who Sidestep Strict Organizational Loyalty? Available from the author.

149The Night to be Much Observed A Relatively Little Known Observance associated with Israel's Coming out of Egyptian Bondage is Brought to our Attention in Exodus Chapter 12. What does this Solemn Occasion have to do with The New Covenant? Available from the author.

151What's WORKS Got to DO With it? Despite this title's poorly worded English, this Paper considers the Question that seems to Provoke such an Averse Reaction among Evangelicals. Does their position Against our Doing ANY Works reflect a Correct Understanding?  read it online

152You DO Believe in the Trinity, Don't You? This Prime Question posed by potential Counterparts in the Religious World can make or break a Dialog. How we respond to it can have Far Reaching and even Abrupt Consequences. Do WE know what Answers to Give? Available from the author.

153Blindness IS Happened to Israel Regarded as God's Chosen People, We have to Wonder WHY we don't see a Greater Conversion Rate among Ethnic Israelites. What accounts for the Condition we find among even their Most Devoutly Religious Peoples in 'the Christian Era'? Available from the author.

154How Religion Mis-Identifies Israel Many Bible Prophesies Relate to the Nation of ISRAEL in the End-Time. The True Identity of the WHOLE 'House of Israel' factors into Understanding those Prophesies. Is there Something Significant that modern Evangelicals have Overlooked, and Why? Available from the author.

156The Love of the Brethren The Modern Church Era brought a NEW Philosophy as it regards How God's People are to Respond to the Great Commission. Certain Ministries of the Church are Organized and Administered by an Echelon of Elders who regard their Offices as being 'The Church'. Does this idea meet the Standards and Criteria of the Early Church as we find in Scripture? Available from the author.

158Authority and Submission A Major Factor in the Church of God, even in the Present Era, is the Dynamic of the Authority granted to the ministry. Certain organizations have declared that “It’s all about Government”. What role does “Government” rightfully play in the Church, and How should WE Respond to it?  read it online

161 Woe Be to the Shepherds The Prophet Ezekiel, with God’s Specific Instruction, Presents Potent Corrections on the way His Ministers have Dealt with His Sheep and their Negligence of their Responsibilities Toward Them! Available from the author.

165Grace, Works and Reward Failure on the part of Theologians to Comprehend the Full Auspices of Grace Can Confound the average Worshipper as to What Response is Appropriate on the part of Those who Truly Have Been Brought Under Grace.  read it onlineListen online

172Blood to the Horse Bridles A most Astounding Visual Picture is Presented in Revelation 14:20 of a Flow of Blood, as Deep as Horses’ Bridles, extending out for 1600 Furlongs. What Extraordinary Event is being Described Here, and is it a Reality?  read it online

173I See “Napkin People” Two Potent Parables, given by Christ, illustrate an all too Common Approach people take. What is Most Unfortunate is when Religious Institutions work to Encourage and even Enforce ‘laying-up’ ones’ God Given Talents!  read it online

174The 14th Chapter of Revelation This Revealing Chapter steps aside from the Book’s sequential narrative to present an Oblique Look at the three Main Segments of Humanity, as it Relates to being awarded their Just and Due Rewards.  Has Religion fully appreciated its Comprehensiveness?   Encapsulated within this one Chapter is a Message Profoundly Revealing with respect to God’s Plan for the Salvation of ALL the World’s Un-evangelized Masses.  read it online

177Why Must Satan be Released from Prison? Revelation 20 shows Satan being Held in the Bottomless Pit for 1000 Years. For WHAT Possible Reason will He be Released Again After the Millennium?  read it online

177What Christ Said About Himself Those Who Hold that Jesus Christ WASN’T God and that He Never Made Such a Claim Need to Consider the Many Amazing Direct Statements Spoken to and through the Beloved Elder Apostle John in the Book of Revelation.  read it online

180Apostasy’s Accomplice The Great Apostasy, after the First Century, is a well documented Event. But, when We focus JUST on its Doctrinal Component, We overlook the Phenomenon that facilitated the Errant Drift!  read it online

181The Nicolaitan Factor Identified in the Book of Revelation, this Party of ‘Progressive’ Individuals is pointedly identified as Promoting a Culture within God's Church that Christ specifically says, “He HATES!” The question is, Do We?  read it online

184What Was the Early Church’s Understanding Regarding “the Trinity”? Profound Theological Considerations Factored into the Christian Thought Stream after the Second Century. Hidden Within the Historical Record is a Picture of What the Early New Testament Church ACTUALLY Believed! Available from the author.

185What Was the Early Church’s Understanding Regarding “the Holy Spirit”? Profound Theological Considerations Factored into the Christian Thought Stream after the Second Century. The New Testament presents a Comprehensive Picture of What the Early New Testament Church ACTUALLY Believed! (Part Two) Available from the author.

187Spirit and the Universe Under a Structured Conceptualization of Gods' Holy Spirit as a 'third Person' of a Holy Trinity, we self-impose limits as to the full Dimension of the POWER that Creates and Sustains the Universe, both Material and non-Material, Animate and Inanimate. Available from the author.

188Talents and God’s Church Two Insightful Parables Exhort God's Servants to Diligently Apply Themselves in Bringing Forth Appropriate Fruits. But Cultures within Churches can also have their Role by Promoting or by Prohibiting working the Fields of Opportunity. Available from the author.

189What LAW was Added? The Apostle Paul addressed a Very Important Consideration in Chapter 3 of Galatians. Was He Referring to the Law Given at Mount Sinai, or to some Other Law? Does His Discourse there Suggest that the Law is “All Done Away”? Available from the author.

193Oppose “OVERLORDING” Christ laid down specific Instructions regarding HOW His Disciples and ministers were to conduct themselves as Overseeing ‘Shepherds’ of His Flocks. In varying degrees, those instructions have been reasoned around. What should WE as members do in response to any disregard of Christ’s mandate? Available from the author.

196Why Stand WE in Jeopardy Every Hour? ( the background of Paul’s lament ) Amazing Conclusions have been made regarding this Enigmatic Question. Does the Apostle Paul advocate one person being Baptized on behalf of Another? Or, Was his REAL point something more practical and entirely different? How persecutions affected the lives of the earliest Christians.  read it online

201Why the Ceremonial LAW? “Done Away for Good and for All Time.” This is the Chant of Traditional Christians of nearly every Persuasion regarding the Old Covenant worship system. WHY did God give the LAW to Israel in the First Place? And, Will it be among the ‘All Things’ that are to be ‘RESTORED’ under Christ? ( Matthew 17:11 & Acts 1:6 )  read it online

205The Harvest of Firstfruits James’ Epistle refers to important aspects regarding the redemption experience, that we are ultimately to become “…a kind of firstfruits of His creatures”. What does this mean as it involves Believers in this New Testament Era?  read it online

206The Harvest of Ingathering James’ Epistle mentions an important aspect regarding the opportunity for salvation, that there IS to be More than One Day of Salvation and Harvest of Souls. What does this mean as it involves the Redemption of Unconverted Humanity?  read it online

207Great Battles in Prophecy Christian Eschatology is replete with Posed Explanations as to how “the End of the World” will play out. Many Scenarios are built around Prophecies applied to situations to which they may or may not actually relate. We should carefully examine each of these Prophecies to be certain that they’re applied accurately and in their proper timeframes.  read it online

WS The New MILLENNIAL Worship System A Prophecy given in the Book of Ezekiel describes a future Worship System few have ever heard about. Major components of 'New Covenant Theology' exclude what these clear Biblical Passages reveal. As the information in these several chapters in Ezekiel is disturbing, most prefer to disregard the Theological Questions they expose. From the Feb/04 Good News Reading Program, printed with permission. Available from the author.

LGD The Overall “Plan of God” A comprehensive look at the various kinds of Peoples and the successive Ages in which God is working with Humanity. Though being somewhat whimsical, like a take-off on the 'Star Wars' Episodes, nevertheless, Biblical Reality presents even more fascinating scenarios. This four page handout from the 2005 Last Great Day message presents each of the categories of Mankind existent in each age and harmonizes the two major Scriptural Passages that speak directly of the subject of all Three Resurrections. Available from the author.

AK Evangelicalism and the ‘Spirit of Antichrist’ in the End Time This Article written by minister/author Alan Knight Deals with the Generally Unrecognized Threat Posed by Modern Protestant Evangelicalism to the Church of God. This Dangerous Development was Prophesied! (Attached with #61) Available from the author.

HS Using the Holy Spirit - Smug Security or Creative Risk? The Holy Spirit makes possible the development of Righteous Character. But Comfortable Complacency can mean a Smug Security instead of extending oneself. The parable of the talents helps explain the difference. by Graemme Marshall (copied with permission) (Attached with #61) Available from the author.

CO Considering the REAL Message of the Epistle to the Colossians A Key Book in the Antinomian Arsenal, those who insist the Law is "all done away", is discussed in a three-part article series by well-known WCG authors. K.J. Stavrinedes (written well before the great 'paradigm shift' in the WCG) admits things current leadership seems 'forgetful' of. Leon Walker adds to the affirmations of what the WW Church of God used to readily admit (Available by surface mail only.) Available from the author.

DS Contemplating the “SECOND Death” What NEED is there for a ‘Second Death’, when the Dead are Already Dead? The author poses a question that exposes an obvious flaw in Traditional Theology. Not all the Dead attain their ultimate ‘Reward’ in their first Death! By David Sandland, 10/05 from the United News, copied with permission Available from the author.

CW7 Letters to the Seven Churches: Historical or Prophetic? A Recurring Controversy within Theological Circles is the Applicability of the Messages to the Seven Churches of Revelation 2 and 3 to Subsequent Ages. By Clinton Wahlen, PHD, published in Ministry Magazine, 11/07 Available from the author.

BF “The Two Powers in Heaven” The Nature of God Controversy in First-Century Judaism ‘Strict Monotheists’enjoy the unexposed ‘cover’ of a wide-spread Misrepresentation of Fact, holding that the Jews of the First Century and before Had NO awareness of any possibility of there being more than just One Person in the Godhead. Unfortunately for them and fortunately for Advocates of New Testament Theology, the historical record, found in their own writings, prove otherwise! As in our day, the same TRUTH that got Christ Crucified was in the First Century regarded as a Most Provocative ‘Heresy’ ! By Brian L. Fulton, printed with permission. (Available only by surface mail.) Available from the author.

SS Sunday Sabbath - By Whose Authority? A Reprint Article, Written in the 1920's, reveals the Substantial Transformation that occurred in the early Twentieth Century with regard to the Applicability of God's Law to Christian Life. Not only as it regards the Sabbath Question, but the overall Law ! If modern Protestants only knew what their early Luminaries (such as Dwight L. Moody, Charles Spurgeon and Jonathan Edwards and others) actually taught. The 'liberalization' processes that recently overwhelmed the WCG did the same among most respected Protestant Organizations in the early decades of the twentieth century. Available from the author.

HCDevelopment of the Hebrew Calendar Many Assumptions Factor into Peoples' Positions Regarding that 'True' Calendar by which we should Observe God's Annual Feasts. Fundamental to Most is the Assumption that the Calendar has Remained Unchanged throughout History. By John Lemley, minister. Copied with permission. read it online

RM Overview of the Feasts Jesus, the Focus of the Feasts and the Reason for the Seasons! Understanding God's plan and how it is interwoven into the structure of His days is a continuing and collective effort that has spanned decades and will no doubt continue until the ultimate fulfillment of His plan. Available from the author.

EK The Enduring Enigma of SIN The Apostle Paul, trained and tried as few others have been, lays out for us a Profound Theological Consideration mankind has struggled with for all time. Do we appreciate his Inspired Insight? Will we allow it into our Thinking? Available from the author.

GM The Apostle Paul and the Law of Moses Did the Apostle Paul teach against the Law of Moses? Was the purpose of the Law to function only until the cross? Available from the author.

BCHappens at the Moment of Death? "If a man die, shall he live again? All the days of my appointed time will I wait, til my change come." (Job 14:14) Perhaps the most Enigmatic Question in all of the Communities of man, it has a Clear, Comforting Biblical Answer! Available from the author.

The following are available by snail-mail only.

  • Curious Events relating to Joe Tkach’s death ( four successive illnesses & Hurricane Opal )
  • Yea, God Has Said: (Regarding Bible Translations to be aware of)
  • Unfinished Business (Transcript) (by H.L.Hoeh @ Modesto)
  • Thinker / Thought (Transcript) (by H.L.Hoeh @ FT Vail) (a new view regarding John 1:1)
  • Analysis of Thinker / Thought (by Lon Lacey) (new thinking isn’t really all that new!)
  • Nicolaitanism (article from the American Christian magazine – 1992)
  • Resignation Letter of David Covington – (favored PT contributor just after being made pastor)
  • Resignation Letter of David Hulme & J. Tkach response (Former World Tomorrow broadcaster)
  • Accepting God’s Way! (transcript of Aaron Dean sermon at FoT, regarding J.Tkach appointment.)

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